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DUMP - 4.13.2014 @ The Hideout

imageChicago was treated to a rare Dump set last nite as part of Eleventh Dream Day’s residency at The Hideout…and man was it fucking great! If anyone can help with the setlist, please let me know. I’m pretty sure it was all Dump tunes, with the exception of a gorgeous take on the Dead’s “Comes a Time”.

Thanks to Dominic for the setlist help!

This World
The Hole
Dear Betty Baby (Mayo Thompson)
Daily Affirmation
Comes A Time (Hunter/Garcia)
Sometimes I Feel Like Going To Sleep

This was recorded quite unscientifically - using apple’s voice notes and standing in the 2nd row - but IMO is still quite listenable and worth a spin. If you’re looking for some better-soundquality James, try this NYCTaper recording.

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Rob Mazurek Pulsar Quartet: Italy 2013


Of all the Rob Mazurek projects i’ve caught over the last few years (there have been a lot), this might be my favorite. Incredibly open/fluid playing from Rob, Angelica Sanchez (NYC jazz pianist), Matt Lux (Iron & Wine, Isotope217, a million other things) and John Herndon (Tortoise, Isotope217, most Rob projects, etc) in between gorgeous heads/melodies. Each tune plays like a mini-suite. 

Between catching 3/4 of their gestation residency (where Sanchez was on Rhodes and it had a distinctly more evil/electricmiles thing goin on), 1/2 of their record release shows, and countless shows from the trio version of this (‘Throne of the House of Good and Evil’, sans Sanchez), I’ve gotten to know this material pretty well…and so finally finding a sbd recording is a great thing. 

Enjoi this set from last year’s Sant’Anna Arresi festival in Italy. 

Rob Mazurek Pulsar Quartet
8.27.2013 @ Piazza del Nuraghe
Sant’Anna Arresi, Italy

radio introduction
Primative Jupiter [17.06] 
Magic Saturn [14.06] 
bands intros [0.26] 
Spiritual Mars [13.43] 
Spanish Venus [14.56] 
bands intros [0.41] 
Spiral Mercury [12.36] 
Folk Song Neptune [8.31] 
Twister Uranus [10.52] 
radio outro [0.36]

Rob Mazurek, cornet and electronics 
Matthew Lux, bass 
Angelica Sanchez, pianoforte 
John Herndon, drums

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Slint: Chicago 1989

Not the greatest sound quality, but it is Tweez-era Slint slaying and ending with a massive “Cortez The Killer”…what’s not to like?

Club Dreamerz
Chicago, IL

Nosferatu Man
Nan Ding
Breadcrumb Trail
Good Morning Captain
Cortez the Killer

"We’re from Louisville…and we thought you need to hear this."


Deaner & Friends - The Sandy Concerts

Dean Ween & Friends 
The Sandy Concerts

Dickie Betts
It’s Gonna Be a Long Night
1.0 Fuck No
Cracked Actor
Kick Out the Jams
She Fucks Me
Fire on the Mountain
Piss up A Rope
Captain America
High and Mighty
Moonage Daydream

The musicians are: Dean Ween, Guy Heller, Joe Kramer, Dave Dreiwitz, Bill Fowler, Glenn McClelland, Dave Carta, Claude Coleman, Ray Kubian, Chuck Treece, Chris Harford, Eric Slick, Scott Metzger, and Spencer Johnson.


David & the Dorks: 1970 SBDs


David & the Dorks was briefly a thing in late 1970 consisting of David Crosby, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh and (probably) Mickey Hart. While largely consisting of Crosby material (most from his then-recent, immaculate …If I Only Could Remember My Name record), there are a few early Dead nuggets and a rehearsal-take on the Byrds’s “Eight Miles High”. The rehearsal tape is an interesting listen if you want to hear those dude working up this material…particularly Garcia walking everyone (including his bandmates) through “Bertha”…but just jump right to the gig if you’re not into that sorta thing. 

The SBD from December 15, 1970, opening night at the Matrix Theatre in SF, is a hell of a listen. I’ve always loved the aforementioned Crosby record, but somehow didn’t realize until today that these guys played out at all. The yam out of “Triad” is particularly glorious, and you gotta love Crosby singing those “Bertha” harmonies. Also of note - this version of “Deep Elem Blues” is pretty different than the various GD arrangements of this then-young tune. 

I guess there’s discrepancy as to if Billy or Mickey played these shows…fwiw it sounds like Mick on both recordings to these ears. 

David & the Dorks
Wally Heider’s 245 Hyde Studio C
San Francisco, CA

Alabama Bound
Eight Miles High
Cowboy Movie
Wall Song
Bird Song
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David & the Dorks
Matrix Theatre
San Francisco, CA

Drop Down Mama
Cowboy Movie
Wall Song
Deep Elem Blues
Motherless Children
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Happy Birthday Neil!

In honor of Neil’s birthday, here are some unreleased studio cuts from mid-60s Toronto R&B band The Mynah Birds. The group apparently rifled through about a million people, but this particular lineup will forever live in infamy as “that time Neil Young and Rick James were in a Motown-signed band together”. 

The story goes that (after some founding members left to form Stephenwolf), this version of the band - Neil/Bruce Palmer/”Ricky Matthews” (just prior to becoming Rick James)/Rickman Mason/John Taylor) - got signed to Motown and hit the studio, supposedly cutting 16 tunes. One day, US agents dragged Ricky (who apparently had gone AWOL from the navy) away and the band broke up. Neil and Bruce stole the band’s gear, bought a hearse, and (illegally) headed to LA to look for Stills. Shortly thereafter, Buffalo Springfield was born. 

These 7 tracks are all I’ve been able to dig up from this brief/unthinkable Rick James/Neil collaboration.

The Mynah Birds - The Lost Recordings 

Brad Mehldau & Chris Thile: April 2013 @ the CSO [original content!]

Back in April I had the esteemed pleasure of seeing these two geniuses in one of the most stunning rooms in Chicago…so i bought this little mic, downloaded a recording app and figured I’d see what happens. We were pretty far up (as you can see from the pic), so the volume is pretty low…but some editing by podcastermind, Jon McLennand produced some damn listenable results (once you get past/used to the hiss). 

Both parties contribute excellent new material, and there’s plenty of brilliant improvisation. Titles were pulled from the stage banter as best as possible (i couldn’t for the life of me make out what the last tune is called). 

The set itself is fucking stunning and well worth a listen. 

Brad Mehldau & Chris Thile
April 19, 2013
Symphony Center
Chicago, IL

Dark Turn of Mind (Gillian Welch) [not recorded due to technical difficulties]
1. “dunno” [new Brad tune]
2. Fast as You Can (Fiona Apple)
3. Independence Day (Elliot Smith)
4. I Cover the Waterfront (Billie Holiday)
5. “untitled” [new Chris tune]
6. Daughter of Eve (Chris Thile)
7. [irish waltz]
8. Don’t Think Twice it’s Alright (Bob Dylan)
9. unknown

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TRTS: 7.14.13 @ Empty Bottle (matrix!)

trts emerged from their longest break btwn chicago shows in some years…to play what were easily the best two shows I’ve ever seen from them. the 2nd of which, last sunday at the bottle, being a flat-out mindfuck. 

if you’re into the trts thing - this is must-listen.

if you’re not - this is as good a place as any to start.

July 14th, 2013 
Empty Bottle 
Chicago, IL

01. High Class Slim Came Floatin’ In  
02. Charteroak Foundation
03. Dot/Eyes 
04. Minors
05. Ten Day Interval
06. Swung From The Gutters
07. Along The Banks Of Rivers
08. Monica
09. In Sarah, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven There Were Women and Men
10. Gigantes
11. Prepare Your Coffin 
12. Glass Museum 
13. encore break
14. Benway
15. Eros
16. Salt The Skies

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Bill Frisell plays John Lennon

got to see mr frisell again last night, and no surprise - it was incredible.  had to post this set today. enjoy this rip of npr’s coverage of the 2012 newport jazz festival.

Bill Frisell is a soft-spoken guy who does a lot of talking with his guitar —and its pedals and effects. So perhaps it’s appropriate that he recently issued an album called All We Are Saying, an collection of John Lennon songs. Though he’s known primarily for working with other improvisers, he’s of the Baby Boomer generation, and he doesn’t hide his love for Beatles songs away. With a band including steel guitar (Greg Leisz) and violin (Jenny Scheinman), Frisell doesn’t reinvent the wheel — but he certainly gives it a new spin.

Across The Universe
Beautiful Boy
You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
#9 Dream
Come Together
In My Life
Strawberry Fields Forever

Bill Frisell, electric guitar
Greg Leisz, steel guitars
Jenny Scheinman, violin
Tony Scherr, bass
Kenny Wollesen, drums

download: mediafire

Stream this 2002 Loose Fur show

Loose Fur
December 07, 2002
St. Ann’s Warehouse
Brooklyn, NY

Laminated Cat
Elegant Transaction
You Were Wrong
Chelsea Walls Theme
Be Not So Fearful
So Long
Street Success
Chinese Apple

Loose Fur:
Jeff Tweedy
Jim O’Rourke
Glenn Kotche
Darrin Gray

night two of a two-night run, the first of which can be found here